Art Lessons

I offer one-on-one classes taught over Skype. Here are five courses to choose from. Each course costs $60 for four weekly sessions. A session typically lasts an hour. Please contact me if you’re interested.

1. Composition

  • Creating dynamic compositions using simple shapes
  • Effective use of assymetry, directionality and overlap
  • Understanding composition from the human form and nature
  • Constructive compositions with abstract shapes.

ill met in the gorge2

2. Perspective/Landscapes

  • Basics of one- and two-point perspective Transferring scales
  • Creating grids
  • Three-point perspective
  • Understanding curves and organic shapes in perspective
  • Constructive environments and landscapes

3. Colour and Light Theory

  • Types of lighting
  • Effect of light on colour of objects
  • Rendering reflected lights and reflective surfaces
  • Creating an atmosphere with light and colour
  • Colour harmonies and composing with colour

4. Digital Painting in Photoshop

  • Understanding blending and colours
  • Painting a simple object
  • Rendering a still life scene with a single light source
  • Rendering an outdoor scene
  • Understanding various layer modes like overlay, colour dodge, and quick ways of painting a scene

5. Designing Book Covers

  • Researching the genre
  • Picture research
  • Building photo composites in photoshop
  • Picking the right font for your genre
  • Creating paperback and e-book