Editing & Proofreading

We offer editing and proofreading services to help you polish your writing and eliminate pesky errors and inconsistencies. Our aim is to make your writing the best it can be while maintaining your distinctive style and voice as an author.

In addition to fiction, we are also able to help with editing or proofreading commercial copy and academic research papers.

Because every project is unique, we provide individualised quotes for our clients rather than fixed prices. Please contact us to discuss the details of your project.

Editing and proofreading - what's the difference?

Line & Copy Editing 


This type of editing is done once you’ve finalised the content and structure of your project. If you’ve written a piece of fiction, this means that you’re satisfied with your plot and characters. Line editing focuses on the details of the text to keep readers engaged and ensure that the narrative flows smoothly. 

Here are some specific issues that will be addressed:
  • Eliminating repetition, redundancy and overwriting
  • Correcting and suggesting improvements for dialogue
  • Checking consistency of characters
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Consistency of hyphenation, capitalisation, and choice of terminology
  • Increasing the emotional impact of the prose, e.g. “showing” versus “telling”
  • Removing or replacing clichés and overused metaphors
  • Checking for the proper and consistent use of tenses


Proofreading is done after line or copy editing. It’s a final check for any errors that remain.
Common issues corrected during proofreading include:
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Spacing, line breaks and indentation
  • Punctuation of dialogue
  • Commonly confused, misspelled or misused words 
  • Consistency of spelling (e.g. US versus UK), hyphenation, and capitalisation