1. Determining the genre for your book. It is important for the book to appeal to the audience. They are more likely to click on your Amazon link if the design is similar to the genre they are most interested in. Here’s where you and I go through some of the Amazon bestsellers and decide on a direction to take.

2. Based on the direction that’s decided, I then come up with some initial sketches (if it’s an illustrated cover) or photo mockups (if it’s a photo-based cover). 50% of the base fee at this point would be appreciated!

3. After developing the book cover at a higher resolution, I come back to you to show my progress. If you see any need for a major revision, this would be the right time to bring it up.

4. The final book cover will be sent to you with typography options. I’m open to any minor changes like removing a tree or changing the colour of the hair. The rest of the fee is due at this time.

Below is a video of how I develop a book cover with stock photos.